Environmental Services Experience

Clairvest is your growth equity partner of choice in the Environmental Services sector. We bring a unique approach to private equity and focus on supporting our entrepreneur partners through their next phase of growth. Having invested in eight platform investments in the waste management industry, we have experience executing several exciting growth strategies, including regional consolidation, that can help increase the strategic significance of your business.

Active & Exited Deals

If you are an entrepreneur or executive in the environmental services sector looking to grow your business, please contact Michael Castellarin, Riley Webb or Davey Mishra.

Revenue growth
Multiple on Invested Capital

Arrowhead Environmental Partners is a growing non-hazardous solid waste management company that provides disposal services through its waste-by-rail infrastructure.

acquisitions completed to date
year relationship with entrepreneur partner prior to investment

Star Waste (dba Boston Carting Services) is a leading independent solid waste management company servicing the Greater Boston Area with a focus on providing residential, commercial and roll-off container waste collection. The Company also operates a construction and demolition material recovery facility located in North Andover, MA.

Multiple on Invested Capital
EBITDA growth

DTG Recycle is a leading waste management collection and recycling company with operations concentrated in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State. The Company focuses on the collection, recycling and beneficial re-use of material from commercial, construction and industrial customers.

acquisitions to date
EBITDA growth

Winters Bros. Waste Systems of Long Island is a solid waste management collection, processing and recycling company based in Long Island, New York. The Company's operations include a diverse set of collection services, MSW and construction and demolition (“C&D”) transfer stations and recycling facilities.

CVCA Global PE Dealmaker of the Year Award

County Waste of Virginia was a private regional solid waste management company based in West Point, Virginia. Sold County Waste of Virginia to GFL Environmental in January 2020.

add-on acquisitions completed
Partnership with the Winters Family

Oak Ridge Waste (formerly "Winter Bros. of Connecticut") was a regional solid waste management collection, processing and recycling company based in Danbury, Connecticut.

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Internal rate of return ("IRR")

Established in 1990, Hudson Valley was a private regional solid waste management collection, processing and recycling company based in Eastern New York, providing residential, commercial, industrial and C&D waste collection services to customers.

Multiple on Invested Capital
market position after completing 5 acquisitions in Long Island

Clairvest first partnered with the Winters Family in 2006, which kick-started a 15 year long relationship together.

Our Areas of Interest

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Organic Waste Management
  • Liquid Waste Management
  • Industrial, Hazardous, and Specialty Waste
  • Waste-to-Energy / Renewable Natural Gas
  • Recycling and Resource Recovery
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Air-Pollution Control
  • Soil Treatment
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Specialty-Equipment Rental
Everyone’s a good partner when things are going well, but you get to know who’s really a good partner when things aren’t going so well. I’ve seen Clairvest behave during good times and bad times, and they’ve always been more than fair. Even when they could have taken advantage of situations, they never have; they’ve always been fair. I think that’s why we went back to them [with County Waste]. It’s all about picking the right partner.
Jerry Cifor
Board Member, County Waste of Virginia
My family and I have partnered with Clairvest across three separate waste management platform investments – there is no better way to demonstrate the trust we have in them as an equity partner. During the good times and the difficult times, Clairvest has always been constructive and acted with integrity. I have had the pleasure to work closely with Ken Rotman, Michael Castellarin, Doug Horn and the Clairvest team and their passion for helping partners like Winters Bros. grow in the waste management industry stands out. Clairvest is not just money, they are our partner of choice.
Jimmy Winters
CEO, Winters Bros. Waste Systems of Long Island
I decided to partner with Clairvest for the second time because of their unique and collaborative approach to investing. They are true partners and fit well with my management style. They were very helpful and supportive as we grew County Waste of Virginia aggressively over the seven-years, providing capital, as well as resources and analysis to help make better decisions.
Scott Earl
CEO, County Waste of Virginia
We have had a close lending relationship with Clairvest since 2002 and have supported them across seven waste management platform investments. Michael Castellarin and the Clairvest team have developed a positive reputation in this industry and work closely with their entrepreneurial partners to build successful regional businesses.
Joe Ursuy
Executive Vice President, Comerica Bank

Waste Management Growth Story

A Family of Partnerships

Clairvest was invited to partner once again with the Winters Bros. family business to support the company’s growth initiatives.