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Contractors Rental Supply

Clairvest supported the management buyout of the next level of leadership of CRS. Supporting a  heavily invested management team, Clairvest is working with the company to expand its geographic footprint.

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Light Tower Rentals

Clairvest partnered with the Company’s founders just before the economic downturn of 2009-2010. LTR successfully navigated through the downturn, while many competitors failed. Since then earnings grew by over 6 times with a strong future growth trajectory.

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Winters Bros. Waste Systems

After helping grow and successfully sell a leading waste management company in Long Island, Clairvest was invited to partner once again with the family business to support the company’s growth initiatives.

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PEER 1 Network Enterprises

Clairvest purchased a minority position and supported an aggressive capital investment and product development programs, generating a return of 3.2x invested capital.

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KUBRA Data Transfer

Since Clairvest made its investment, KUBRA grew to become one of the leading electronic bill presentment and payment companies in North America. In eight years KUBRA grew EBITDA by over 6 times and after much inbound interest it was sold to a strategic acquirer generating a 13.5x return on invested capital.

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County Waste

In 2010 Clairvest partnered with the company’s founder to invest in the region’s first materials recycling facility. After selling to a  strategic buyer and doubling its investment in under 2 years, in 2013 Clairvest was called again by the Company’s founder to help support the growth of his new company.

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