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G. John Krediet

Former Chairman Clairvest Group Inc., CF Capital Corporation Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sparkling Spring Water Holdings Limited

Mr. Krediet was the Chairman & CEO of Sparkling Spring Water Ltd, a Clairvest investment, from 1992 to 2003. Prior to its sale to Danone, Mr. Krediet grew Sparkling Spring into a company with more than US$100 million in revenue, US$30 million in EBITDA and with leading market shares in the markets it served. Prior to his involvement with Sparkling Spring, Mr. Krediet led an investment group which executed a consolidation of the Canadian Pepsi bottling industry in the Maritimes and Ottawa regions with the two hubs generating over $180 million in combined revenue prior to their sale to Pepsi. Mr. Krediet serves on the board of Clairvest’s investment partner Discovery Air Inc.

*Chairman of the Compensation and Human Resources Committee