Clairvest Group Inc. was founded in 1987 as a Canadian-based private equity management firm that invested its own capital in entrepreneurial corporations.

Clairvest combines capital with the considerable experience of its board, consisting of entrepreneurs who have themselves successfully built many companies. Their expertise and experience is brought to bear on every investment opportunity.

As a publicly listed company (TSX: CVG), Clairvest continues to manage its own capital by co-investing alongside the Clairvest Equity Partners funds in private equity investment opportunities originated by its team.

Under the current management team, Clairvest has initiated investments in 47 different companies, accounting for invested capital of over $1.2 billion.



Clairvest manages the capital of Clairvest Group Inc., and that of third parties, through Clairvest Equity Partners Limited Partnership II (“CEP II”), Clairvest Equity Partners III Limited Partnership (“CEP III”) and Clairvest Equity Partners IV Limited Partnership (“CEP IV”). From 1987 to 2001 Clairvest managed and invested a portfolio wholly-owned by Clairvest.
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In 2001, Clairvest launched a new fund called “Clairvest Equity Partners Limited Partnership II” (“CEP II”), raising $164 million from outside investors and committing to invest $55 million alongside the fund. This moved Clairvest from a private equity firm that invests its own capital to generate returns, to one that invests with third-party investors who want access to Clairvest’s proven investment expertise.
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In 2006, Clairvest launched its third private equity investment initiative, Clairvest Equity Partners III (“CEP III”), through a $300 million capital pool consisting of $225 million from third-party investors and $75 million from Clairvest Group Inc.
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In 2011, Clairvest raised its fourth fund. Clairvest Equity Partners IV Limited Partnership (“CEP IV”) is a $467 million capital pool with $342 million committed from outside investors and $125 million from Clairvest.
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In July 2014 Clairvest held the  final closing of Clairvest Equity Partners V (“CEP V”) at $600 million, the fund’s hard cap. Clairvest committed $180 million and third party investors committed $420 million.




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