Investment Team

The experience of Clairvest’s management team is one of its biggest assets. Guided by a seasoned board of directors, the management team has created a disciplined and consistent approach to sourcing, evaluating, managing and exiting investments. Each member of the team is an active participant in the investment decision-making process for our portfolio companies. Through Clairvest Group Inc., the team is significantly invested in each of Clairvest’s portfolio companies and approaches each business as shareholders.

Jeff Parr
Vice Chairman and Managing Director
Ken Rotman
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Michael Wagman
President and Managing Director
Michael Castellarin
Managing Director
Mitch Green
Managing Director
Robbie Isenberg
Managing Director
Sebastien Dhonte
Adrian Pasricha
Angus Cole
Douglas Horn
Vice President
Mohit Kansal
Vice President
Andrew Whiting
Vice President
Nik Paukkunen
Senior Associate
Mike Ackland
Blake Bracalenti
Chris Byers
Daniel Cheng
Chief Financial Officer
James H. Miller
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Maria Klyuev
Director of Corporate Relations